Removing a key from a CyberKey Vualt 20.
CyberKey Vault 1, Single Key Cabinet (CKV-001/CKV-F01)
Photo of a Flex System RFID module and a CyberKey Single Vault WR installed in an electical box.
CyberKey Vault WR, Single Key Cabinet (FS-CV01)

CyberKey Vaults – Intelligent Key Management


CyberKey Vault key cabinets provide an intelligent way of controlling and dispensing CyberKey smart keys.


Increase Key Control and Accountability

CyberKey Vaults are beneficial for users who want to automate the process of checking in and out keys. The management software, CyberAudit-Web, tracks when a CyberKey is dispensed and when it is returned to a vault. Upon return, the vault downloads the key’s audit trail and reverts it to an unprogrammed state making it available for the next user. All vault and key activity is managed by CyberAudit-Web software and can be viewed by system administrators.


Effectively Manage Access to Outside Vendors

Businesses that need to provide access to sub-contractors, maintenance companies, and vendors will benefit from the Vaults' ability to dispense temporary access or one-time use keys. Automated e-mail reports on vault and key activity facilitate improved visibility into sub-contractor on-site activity.


Securely Store Keys on Site

CyberKey Vaults are beneficial for high security applications where keys cannot leave the building. Key cabinets are connected to the management software and continuously communicate access activity. Users can view when a key is checked out, returned, or if it is still in the field.



The CyberKey Vault 20 FX is a key cabinet that holds up to twenty unprogrammed CyberKey smart keys securely. The Vault 20 FX is designed for indoor installations.


Gaining Access

The Vault requires an authorized RFID card or PIN before it will program and release a CyberKey. Once the key has been programmed with the user’s access permissions it will flash, signaling the user to remove the key from the Vault. The remaining keys stay locked in the Vault in an unprogrammed state.



The CyberKey Vault 1 is a small cabinet that holds a single unprogrammed CyberKey securely. The Vault 1 is designed for indoor installations.


Gaining Access

A CyberKey is stored unprogrammed in the cabinet until an approved RFID card is presented. After reading the RFID card, the cabinet validates with CyberAudit-Web software and programs the CyberKey with permissions for that user.



The CyberKey Vault WR is a small, weatherized key safe that holds a single, unprogrammed CyberKey securely. The Vault WR can be installed indoors or in harsh, outdoor environments.


Gaining Access

The CyberKey Vault WR is part of the Flex System, a modular security solution that brings all of the benefits of a lock-centric access control system to the CyberLock family. A variety of Flex System input modules, such as an RFID reader or keypad display, can be used to access the Vault WR. Additionally, utilizing the Flex System Door & I/O module, the Vault WR can be accessed with 3rd party input devices such as an HID card reader.



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CyberLock is manufactured in the U.S.A.

CyberLock is manufactured in the U.S.A.