CyberLock High Security Electronic Cylinders for Access Control


CyberLock cylinders are high security electronic locks designed

to track and control access to every lock in your facility.



      Over 280 electromechanical cylinder designs available

              Doors, cabinets, padlocks, containers, equipment, safes

              Custom designs and manufacturing capabilities

      CyberLock cylinders retrofit into existing mechanical hardware

      Each cylinder is manufactured with a unique ID which cannot be

       changed or duplicated

      Cylinders contain encrypted access codes to identify the system to which they belong

      No wiring or battery is required

              Cylinder is energized by the battery in the key

              Control access with audit trails even during power outages

      Cylinders record the last 1100 authorized and denied access events in memory

      Cylinders contain a list of lost/stolen keys to prevent lost keys from gaining access

      Cylinders have no pick-able keyway

      Standard security features built into each cylinder:

              Tamper resistance

              Torque resistance

              Stun gun resistance

              Dual key entry or time delay (software option)

      Drill resistant high security option available



Can I use it outdoors? Yes, the electronics are sealed, for installation indoors and out.

CyberLock cylinders are designed to operate in a variety of environments. Click here

for more information on operating CyberLock cylinders in cold weather environments.


Can CyberLock cylinders be picked? No, CyberLocks have no keyway and cannot be picked like

a mechanical lock. CyberLocks resist forced rotation and, if tampered with, are designed to remain in the locked position.


Is lock hardware functionality lost when CyberLock is installed? No, CyberLocks fit into the lock hardware just the same as the mechanical cylinders they replace. The lock hardware will operate in the same fashion as before the CyberLock cylinder was installed.


How are locks programmed and how do they communicate with the software? Locks are most commonly programmed with the Grand Master CyberKey.  CyberKeys “carry” lock data back to the software through Communicators.


What happens if I lose a key; do I have to re-key? No, with CyberLock the need to re-key is eliminated. Either rely on key expiration or update the locks in the field to deactivate missing keys. Electronic re-keying provides immediate response to lost/stolen keys.


What lock is right for me? It is very possible that the lock you need is already part of the CyberLock portfolio. To determine which lock is best for you, click here to view our lock specifications or contact us today.



CL-C1N, Cam, .75" x 1.125", .375" nut, straight latch CL-SF03, Small format interchangeable core CL-6P1, 6-pin Schlage® format PL-01, Padlock, brass, CL-6P3WR installed


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CyberLock is manufactured in the U.S.A.

CyberLock is manufactured in the U.S.A.