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Transit Security


Who is benefiting from your collected fees?


When transit revenue doesn’t make it to the bank, a community

can suffer. Proceeds are often dedicated to improvements

such as road construction, sidewalks, parks, and other projects.

So how can you protect your bottom line?


A practical, proven solution for improving the bill-to-coin collection ratio at the fare box is by implementing the CyberLock access and key management system. When you secure your equipment with CyberLock, you’re in control. Every dime is accounted for, everyone is accountable.



Did You Know?


You can retrofit your fare boxes with CyberLock electronic cylinders. Simply remove the mechanical lock and replace it with a CyberLock electronic cylinder.


One electronic key can be used to service all the equipment on a route. You decide what locks the key can open and when. You can even set the dates and times to begin and end operation.


The electronic keys cannot be duplicated and keys can be set

to automatically expire at the end of each shift. You’ll no longer

have to worry about a missing key being used to raid your equipment.

“The bottom line is that the collected revenue ratio has increased and employee productivity has improved. The Videx CyberLock system works for us.”


Scott Medlong



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CyberLock, Inc., 1105 NE Circle Blvd., Corvallis, OR 97330  •  541-738-5500  •  FAX  541-738-5501

CyberLock is manufactured in the U.S.A.

CyberLock is manufactured in the U.S.A.